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    Multiple Disciplines / September 3, 2016 (deadline) September 3, 2016

    ING Discerning Eye Exhibition 2016

    Over the past 25 years the ING Discerning Eye Exhibition, sponsored by ING Commercial Banking, has established an outstanding reputation among artists, collectors and enthusiasts for its unique curatorial..

    Graphic Design / August 31, 2016 (deadline) August 31, 2016

    International Poster Contest Typography & Printing

    The Museum of Typography in Chania, Crete, with great pleasure invites professionals, students and amateurs of graphic and visual arts, but also people with innovative ideas that can turn them into a poster,..

    Illustration / December 15, 2016 (deadline) December 15, 2016

    Clairvoyants International Illustration Competition

    Organised by the Dwie Siostry Publishing House, the second edition of the Clairvoyants International Competition for an illustrated children book will continue to cherish the ideas and values that had..

    Photography / February 19, 2017 (deadline) February 19, 2017

    Fine Art Photography Awards 2017

    Art is born out of passion. Fine Art photography is a perfect instrument, which allows a person to communicate with the world and share their vision. It results from the author's deep sensitivity, a need..

    Illustration / August 31, 2016 (deadline) August 31, 2016

    Spirito Di Vino 2016 Cartoons Competition

    Spirito di Vino, now in its seventeenth edition, is an international competition for artists of satirical cartoons concerning the world and culture of wine. Organised by Movimento Turismo del Vino Friuli..

    Multiple Disciplines / July 29, 2016 (deadline) July 29, 2016

    Kokuyo Design Award 2016

    The Kokuyo Design Award is a competition to attract beautifully functional product designs, taking the best of the best to the actual consumer market, enhancing design as a value and supports the production..

    Multiple Disciplines / August 1, 2016 (deadline) August 1, 2016

    Art Vision 2016 Call For Entries

    Organised by Circle of Light Moscow International Festival - an annual event at which lighting designers and specialists in audiovisual art from various countries reinvent the architectural scene of Moscow..

    Graphic Design / July 3, 2016 (deadline) July 3, 2016

    protoType Typeface Design Competition

    Presented by SOTA (Society of Typographic Aficionados), the protoType Typeface Design Competition is calling for the most experimental and innovative type designs. The contest aims to promote not only..

    Multiple Disciplines / September 9, 2016 (deadline) September 9, 2016

    SICAB 2017 International Poster Contest

    Held annually in Sevilla (Spain), the SICAB (International Equestrian Trade Fair) will celebrate this year its 27th anniversary. To celebrate this event the organiser has lunched an International Poster..

    Photography / November 6, 2016 (deadline) November 6, 2016

    Hellerau Photography Award 2017

    The Hellerau Photography Award 2017 is open worldwide to analog as well as digital portrait photographs or photographic series dealing with the topic of "Change", and depicting pictures of people in the..

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