The UK Children's Fine Art Competition

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     Deadline:  November 12, 2012  (expired!)
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    The UK Children’s Fine Art Competition, endorsed by The Department for Education, is a celebration of the rebirth of the village of Lidice and an international, exciting, highly rewarding and all inclusive fine art competition.

    It aims to raise the aspirations of children and endow children with the best of values and principles. And while it can be celebrated as an amazing art competition in itself, The UK Children’s Fine Art Competition also provides significant cross-curricular learning opportunities in History, Geography, Citizenship, Religious Studies (as well as Art) in order to achieve the following objectives:

    • Increase numbers of young people engaging in art in the United Kingdom
    • Raise standards in art among young people in the United Kingdom
    • Inspire the young people of the United Kingdom and raise their aspirations
    • Celebrate the achievements of the working people of the United Kingdom in helping to rebuild the village of Lidice
    • Raise young people’s awareness of the UK’s industrial heritage
    • Raise awareness and understanding of other cultures and nations
    • Reduce levels of racism

    School and individual entries are judged collectively according to the following age categories (4-10) and (11-16). Each work should have one, unique author; collective works are not accepted. The maximum format of a 2D entry is 70 x 50cm. There is no limitation in the number of entries an organisation can submit.


    This is an international children's art competition and welcomes submissions from overseas schools and individuals.


    Prizes are awarded at county, national and international for best primary, secondary and special school entry respectively.

    Individual prizes include professional art sets and there is also a significant prize for the best school contribution of a voucher to the value of $1000 to spend on art materials at GreatArt.