Eyes On Asia Photography Awards

     Category:  Photography
     Deadline:  October 31, 2013  (expired!)
     Contest's Website:  [link]

    The Eyes on Asia Awards are looking for travel images that are positive, uplifting, inspiring, sometimes funny or quirky. Images that inspire the viewer to want to travel to unique and beautiful places across Asia & Oceania; Images that make you want to pack your bag, jump on a plane and disappear to an exotic island, a mountain range, or a jungle. We want images that show us something familiar, yet with a new perspective, and give the viewer a ‘sense of place’.

    The Eyes on Asia Awards does not want photojournalistic, gritty and/or troubling images. There are other contests covering those topics. We do not aim to make political statements or to focus in on the misery of others. While we look certainly for high quality photography, this is a contest that likes to celebrate travel and the beauty of life. We do not want to show the dirty and troubled side of a country, which in many cases you certainly may also find if you look for it.


    People: Photos of people who call Asia & Oceania their home. These images can be close ups or environmental portraits of people at work, home or at play.

    Nature: From the Himalayas to the sunny tropical islands of Indonesia, some of the most beautiful landscapes, diverse animals and colorful plants are found in amazing Asia & Oceania.

    Travel-folio: A four to six shot collection that narrates a story. The essay must be based on an Asian/Oceanic theme and shot in Asia & Oceania.

    Sense of place: A single picture from anywhere in Asia & Oceania that tells the viewer a story of what it is like to be there.

    Image requirements: JPEG, 1000 pixels across the longest side. 72 DPI with a maximum size of 300 kb. Adobe RGB 1998. Eyes on Asia Awards will contact you for a full resolution RAW or high resolution TIFF file if your picture is selected for the exhibition.

    Copyright of the images will remain at all times with the photographer.

    Entry fee: Before 30 June 15 USD per image for professionals and 10 USD for amateurs. After 5 USD extra.


    Open to all photographers worldwide.


    One Overall Winner: Cash prize depending on the number of entries. The more entries, the higher the prize depending on our ‘jackpot’. The jackpot increases $1 with every image submitted. 7D/6N Eyes on Asia Getaway worth US$5,000 including airfare. Additional prizes depend on sponsors.

    Travel-Folio Winners: Cash US$1000 each. Eyes on Asia Workshop vouchers worth $1,000. Additional prizes depend on sponsors.

    Winner in each Category: Cash US$500 each. Eyes on Asia Workshops vouchers worth $250. Additional prizes depend on sponsors.