Celeste Prize 2013

     Category:  Multiple Disciplines
     Deadline:  August 16, 2013  (expired!)
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    UPDATE: deadline extended to Friday 16 August.

    Celeste Prize is an international contemporary arts prize open to emerging and mid-career artists worldwide without limits of age, sex or experience. The prize gives voice to thousands of artists, promoting their works with commitment and professionalism.

    We have reached the 5th edition this year – confirming the validity of ideas at the heart of the prize – credibility, open selections and top curators.

    Works submitted to the prize must have been completed in the last 36 months, and do not necessarily have to have been exhibited before. There is no special subject, title or theme required for participating works, and they can range from being figurative to abstract, from conceptual to participatory to performance.

    A dynamic team of international curators and critics have been invited for their competence and the quality of their work in the field of contemporary art. Their selections are a guarantee to artists entering the prize, that their artwork will be judged impartially by top professionals.

    Entry fee payable online is 50 Euro (approx. 64 USD) per work.

    Celeste Prize 2013 is supported by Celeste Network, a 50,000 member social network for contemporary arts, which includes gallerists, curators, critics, art organizers, collectors and many artists. Celeste Network is a fertile environment in which to promote one’s work, make contact and start up projects around the world.


    The competition is open to any person practicing art either as a professional artist in full-time or part-time, student artist or self-taught artist from anywhere in the world. There is no age limit for applicants and the prize is open to all artists whatever their qualifications, with or without experience of public or private exhibitions.

    The prize encourages participation by artists at every level.


    • Painting & Graphics Prize 4,000 Euro (approx. 5,100 USD)
    • Photography & Digital Graphics Prize 4,000 Euro (approx. 5,100 USD)
    • Video & Animation Prize 4,000 Euro (approx. 5,100 USD)
    • Installation, Sculpture & Performance Prize 4,000 Euro (approx. 5,100 USD)
    • Curator’s Choice Prize 3,500 Euro (approx. 4,500 USD)
    • Visitors’ Choice Prize 500 Euro (approx. 640 USD)

    The exhibition of the 40 finalist works will be held in November 2013 in Rome, Italy, at the ex-GIL spaces.