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    Students Only / July 31, 2016 (deadline) July 31, 2016

    H&M Design Award 2017

    H&M Design Award is a design competition for students at selected design schools around the world. The aim is to bring up the most promising talents in fashion and give them a springboard in their careers. Your..

    Multiple Disciplines / July 19, 2016 (deadline) July 19, 2016

    Design Value Awards 2016

    The Design Management Institute is proud to announce the 2016 dmi:Design Value Awards. The Awards honor teams that have delivered significant value through design or design management practices. The..

    Graphic Design / July 15, 2016 (deadline) July 15, 2016

    Trieste Contemporanea Design Contest 2016

    The Trieste Contemporanea Committee announces the 12th edition of the International Design Contest Trieste Contemporanea with the aim of showcasing the most original design offerings from the countries..

    Photography / January 10, 2017 (deadline) January 10, 2017

    Sony World Photography Awards 2017

    Organised annually by World Photography Organisation and sponsored by Sony, the Sony World Photography Awards is the world's biggest photography competition and its aim is simple: to recognise and reward..

    Illustration / September 6, 2016 (deadline) September 6, 2016

    18th Annual Pastel 100 Competition

    Pastel Journal, America's leading magazine devoted to pastel artists, has recently opened its 18th Annual Pastel 100 Competition. This international competition offers cash, prizes and publicity to its..

    Multiple Disciplines / July 31, 2016 (deadline) July 31, 2016

    BASF Design Competition 2016

    BASF Design Competition is now calling for entries worldwide for its 2016 edition. This year there is a new direction: "Design it. Love it. Live it." This year’s theme has been influenced by the social..

    Multiple Disciplines / September 5, 2016 (deadline) September 5, 2016

    Wells Art Contemporary Awards 2016

    The Wells Art Contemporary Awards is an international open competition for contemporary visual art that is gaining praise and respect in Britain and abroad. It was established five years ago by a group..

    Animation / June 30, 2016 (deadline) June 30, 2016

    New Chitose Airport International Animation Festival

    The New Chitose Airport International Animation Festival is intended to support the discovery of creative expression as inspiration for future development, and to promote such expression worldwide. The..

    Multiple Disciplines / July 20, 2016 (deadline) July 20, 2016

    Billboard Art Competition Art Moves 2016

    The main idea behind the festival and the competition is to promote modern art as the form of dialogue with the public and to encourage young artists to create art engaged in the reality. Billboards..

    Graphic Design / October 20, 2016 (deadline) October 20, 2016

    iF Design Award 2017

    The iF Design Award has a reputation as an internationally recognized sign of design excellence since its founding 1953. For a designer, winning an iF Award can launch a career or take it to the next level...

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